Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

After riding through one of Costa Rica’s mountainous rain forest national parks, we made it from the central valley to the Atlantic side of the country. We arrived at Chilamate Eco Retreat Center after the two hour drive. The Retreat had a large open dining area and a large open cabin for the whole group. We slept uninterrupted (aside from the “wooping” howler monkeys) in our bug netted bunk beds. The next morning, we awoke to another amazing meal, and some of us enjoyed Costa Rica’s delicious coffee.

Later, we went to the Sarapiqui River for a morning swim.  We then packed up our things from the Retreat Center and prepared to meet our homestay families.  First, we made a stop at the high school to meet the high school kids we would be spending the next three days working with.  After a short meeting and a few butchered introductions, we were dropped off with our homestay families.  Each of us met with our families and got to know the wonderful people that will be housing us for the next week.

We enjoyed some delicious dinners and went to sleep, readying ourselves for the work that we would do today.  We all woke up and arrived more or less on time. (Aaron and Jonas were late). We spent the morning in Spanish and French class with the high schoolers.
Now, Lexi and I are writing this blog as the rest of the group, along with some of the students who go to the school, are preparing an area for the new concrete pathway under the new overhang we are building.
These blog updates may be a bit inconsistent, as we are trying to find any time we can to write our thoughts.  We will try to keep you all up to date at home with our activities and let you all know that we are doing fine.
Until next time,

Lexi and Jonas


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